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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2030-283
Exam Name: Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V3

What has reduced administrative tasks in computer provisioning by 90% for some processes for adopters of cloud computing?

A.    High computing speed
B.    Greater availability of grid computers
C.    High capability of automation software
D.    Greater availability of software and agile hardware

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit Button. The Cloud Service Creator is a core role in the Cloud Computing Architecture who develops the technical and business aspects of a cloud service. What are two tasks in Cloud Service Creator’s day to day job? (Choose two.)

A.    Request and use cloud resources.
B.    Provide initial service definitions for what is offered for sale.
C.    Manage the capacity and performance of the cloud computing technical environment to ensure service levels can be met.
D.    Design, implement, and run the cloud computing technical environment including the Cloud Computing Management Platform.
E.    Review monitoring reports from a running cloud service in order to make adjustments to the relevant components or higher-level cloud services as required.
F.    Design, develop, and maintain the integration between cloud and non-cloud environments (example: on-premise IT environment with off-premise cloud entities).

Answer: BE

Which statement describes automation in the context of service management in the cloud?

A.    Automation does not include complex business process orchestration.
B.    Automation includes only those components physically residing in the cloud management platform.
C.    Automation includes data center processes from element run-books to broad provisioning and compliance scenarios.
D.    Automation in the cloud simply reuses existing automation processes without requiring any analysis or re-engineering.

Answer: C

Which statement describes economies of scale as it relates to IBM’s Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3 design principle?

A.    Leverage a homogeneous hypervisor in order to reduce operational and capital expenses.
B.    Ensure workloads are executed across no less than ten computer nodes for improved resiliency.
C.    Ensure cloud infrastructure is sized at least four times greater than the initial expected workload.
D.    Reuse management components by sharing a common management platform to deliver cloud services.

Answer: D

The Chief Marketing Officer of a global retailing company wants to use customer input to gain further insight into the revenue impact of marketing and sales campaigns. The Chief Information Officer is requesting a transformation project to enrich the company’s system of record customer relationship management application by integrating it with a new system of engagement application. What should be recommended?

A.    Create a spreadsheet report of each salesclerk’s monthly commission
B.    Start a campaign on social media to solicit feedback from the company’s followers
C.    Deploy tablet computers to each store manager so that sales can be tracked in real time
D.    Use near real time analytics on data generated from the company’s website and social media networks about the company and its products

Answer: D

Which component of a cloud computing solution can assist in automating IT processes?

A.    Service catalog
B.    Workflow engine
C.    Self-service portal
D.    Virtualization platform manager

Answer: B

Which component is needed to integrate a private cloud with a public cloud like IBM SmartCloud Enterprise or Amazon EC2?

A.    IBM SmartCloud Entry
B.    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron
C.    IBM WebSphere Message Broker
D.    IBM WebSphere Integration Developer

Answer: B

What is the benefit of using a service catalog in a cloud implementation?

A.    To reduce the cost of providing IT services
B.    To promote the use of internal IT resources
C.    To publicize IT services available to everyone
D.    To enforce a standard process for ordering and delivering IT services

Answer: D

Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, what architectural consideration is true regarding workload migration into a private cloud?

A.    It is critical to prioritize and then migrate every existing workload to the new cloud infrastructure.
B.    Workloads with fewer dependencies are good candidates to migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure.
C.    Highly transactional workloads are good candidates to migrate to a private cloud to leverage faster disks.
D.    Workloads with fewer manual processes involved in delivery are better candidates for migration to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Answer: B

Which option best demonstrates a use case for block storage?

A.    Backup
B.    Video streaming
C.    Transactional applications
D.    Archive and disaster recovery

Answer: C

Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, which IBM solution allows rapid integration to existing Platform as a Service workloads?

A.    IBM WebSphere Cast Iron
B.    IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
C.    IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler
D.    IBM WebSphere Message Broker

Answer: A

Which cloud adoption pattern provides a security solution for separating data by customer in a multi-customer environment?

A.    Platform as a Service
B.    Software as a Service
C.    Cloud Service Provider
D.    Cloud Enabled Data Center

Answer: C

When comparing cloud data centers to traditional data centers, which statement is most true?

A.    There are no differences between cloud data centers and traditional data centers.
B.    Disaster recovery plans are mandatory for cloud data centers but optional for traditional data centers.
C.    Traditional data centers do not utilize charge back methods for their usage, while cloud data centers do use charge back.
D.    Traditional data centers typically host applications on dedicated servers, while applications in a cloud data center typically run on shared resources in a virtualized environment.

Answer: D

In which delivery model does the cloud provider generally have full control over all aspects of the physical resources including administrative control over the virtualization platforms?

A.    Platform as a Service
B.    Software as a Service
C.    Infrastructure as a Service
D.    Business Process as a Service

Answer: C

Passleader C2030-283 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back

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