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(NEW) Newest Brocade 150-420 Exam Questions For Free Download

Vendor: Brocade
Exam Code: 150-420
Exam Name: Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2010

Your developers have written a custom application that uses TCP over port 8080. The Brocade ADX is not passing the Health Checks to those real servers. The clients can reach the servers directly and the application is functional. What would you do to resolve this?

A.    You can only use well known ports on the VIP facing the clients.
B.    You need to configure no port 8080 translate on the real server.
C.    You need to specify alias ports under the virtual server.
D.    You need to specify TCP under the port profile.

Answer: D

The customer has a server application port that relies on other ports to function properly. Which three features will allow you to associate the health of the master port to multiple other application ports? (Choose three.)

A.    Boolean
B.    track group
C.    port status-code
D.    track port
E.    VIP-group

Answer: ABD

The Brocade ADX is performing a UDP Health Check. The real server does not respond to the UDP query. What does this mean?

A.    The UDP query was successful.
B.    The UDP query failed.
C.    The real server is unreachable.
D.    The real server failed.

Answer: A

A Brocade ADX is performing a TCP Health Check. What does the Brocade ADX look for to determine that the port is alive?

A.    A TCP ACK is received.
B.    A SYN ACK is received.
C.    A TCP Reset is received.
D.    A TCP SYN is received.

Answer: B

You have configured a real server with TCP port 7777. Which feature is required to enable periodic Layer 4 Health Checks?

A.    periodic-arp-interval
B.    keepalive
C.    slow-start
D.    l4-bringup-interval

Answer: B

Following a successful Layer 3 Health Check, the Brocade ADX performs a Layer 4 Health Check to an unknown UDP port on a real server. The ADX does not receive any response. What is the current state according to show server real output?

A.    ACT
B.    ENB
C.    FAL
D.    TST

Answer: A

You have configured the server shown below for DNS:
ADX1(config)#server remote r1
ADX1(config-rs-r1)#port dns l4-check-only
Which two Health Checks will be performed to the real server? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer 2
B.    Layer 3
C.    Layer 4
D.    Layer 7

Answer: BC

In the exhibit, which two virtual server configurations must be implemented to load balance all SSL and HTTP traffic to RS1? (Choose two.)

A.    bind http RS1 180 real-port 443
B.    bind http RS1 http
C.    bind ssl RS1 180 real-port 80
D.    bind http RS1 ssl RS1

Answer: BC

Your customer is complaining that inactive TCP sessions are not being cleared from the session table fast enough. The Brocade ADX is configured for default values. Which port profile will resolve their problem?

A.    server port 80
tcp keepalive 0
B.    server port 80
tcp 2
C.    server port 80
tcp 0
D.    server port 80
tcp keepalive disable

Answer: B

Your customer would like the Brocade ADX to send a message to their external Syslog server when the ADX creates a session table entry. Which port profile would you configure?

A.    ServerIron(config)# server port 80
ServerIron(config-port-80)# connection-log all
B.    ServerIron(config)# server port 80
ServerIron(config-port-80)# connection-log syslog all
C.    ServerIron(config)# server port 80
ServerIron(config-port-80)# log all
D.    ServerIron(config)# server port 80
ServerIron(config-port-80)# syslog all

Answer: A

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