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A video endpoint is configured with SIP only. What does a video endpoint use to register with the VCS Control?

A.    IP address
C.    MAC address
D.    system name

Answer: B

Which zone will the VCS Control use to route calls to the VCS Expressway?

A.    neighbor zone
B.    DNS zone
C.    traversal client zone
D.    ENUM zone

Answer: C

You want to configure Cisco VCS SIP endpoints and H.323 endpoints so that they communicate with one another. To do this, which format must you use in the Search Rule?

A.    name@domain
B.    IP Address (
C.    name@hostname
D.    name@IP Address (

Answer: A

When you connect a Cisco VCS Control to Cisco Unified Communications Manager by using a SIP trunk, which mechanism do you use to verify that the trunk has an active connection?

A.    OPTIONS ping
B.    DNS tracing
C.    Continuous ping
D.    Dynamic DNS

Answer: A

Which DNS SRV Records must be configured on the external DNS server in a mobile remote access scenario with Cisco Expressway?

A.    _collab-edge._tls.example.com
B.    _collab-edge._udp.example.com
C.    _cisco-uds._tcp.example.com
D.    _cuplogin._tcp.example.com

Answer: A

Company X currently uses a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which has been configured for IP desk phones and Jabber soft phones. Users report however that whenever they are out of the office, a VPN must be set up before their Jabber client can be used. The administrator for Company X has deployed a Collaboration Expressway server at the edge of the network in an attempt to remove the need for VPN when doing voice. However, devices outside cannot register. Which two additional steps are needed to complete this deployment? (Choose two.)

A.    A SIP trunk has to be set up between the Expressway-C and Cisco UCM.
B.    An additional interface must be enabled on the Cisco UCM and placed in the same subnet at the Expressway.
C.    The customer firewall must be configured with any rule for the IP address of the external Jabber client.
D.    The Expressway server needs a neighbor zone created that points to Cisco UCM.
E.    Jabber cannot connect to Cisco UCM unless it is on the same network or a VPN is set up from outside.

Answer: AD

A new administrator at Company X has deployed a VCS Control on the LAN and VCS Expressway in the DMZ to facilitate VPN-less SIP calls with users outside of the network. However, the users report that calls via the VCS are erratic and not very consistent. What must the administrator configure on the firewall to stabilize this deployment?

A.    The VCS Control should not be on the LAN, but it must be located in the DMZ with the Expressway.
B.    The firewall at Company X must have all SIP ALG functions disabled.
C.    The firewall at Company X requires a rule to allow all traffic from the DMZ to pass to the same network that the VCS Control is on.
D.    A TMS server is needed to allow the firewall traversal to occur between the VCS Expressway and the VCS Control servers.

Answer: B

The VCS Expressway can be configured with security controls to safeguard external calls and endpoints. One such option is the control of trusted endpoints via a whitelist. Where is this option enabled?

A.    on the voice-enabled firewall at the edge of the network
B.    on the VCS under Configuration > registration > configuration
C.    on the TMS server under Registrations > whitelist
D.    on the VCS under System > configuration > Registrations

Answer: B

Which statement about configuring the Cisco VCS Control and Cisco VCS Expressway is true?

A.    You do not need to configure search rules for traversal calls.
B.    You need to configure the firewall to allow communication from the Cisco VCS Expressway to the Cisco VCS Control.
C.    The username on the Cisco VCS Control and Cisco VCS Expressway are local and do not need to match.
D.    The Cisco VCS Expressway is the Traversal Server.

Answer: D

Company X wants to implement RSVP-based Call Admission Control and move away from the current location-based configuration. Where does the administrator go to create a default profile?

A.    System > Call Manager > Clusterwide > Service Parameters > RSVP
B.    System > Service Parameters > RSVP
C.    System > Service Parameters > Call Manager > Clusterwide parameters > RSVP
D.    on each MGCP gateway at all remote locations

Answer: C

Where can you change the clusterwide DSCP setting for Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    enterprise parameters
B.    service parameters
C.    enterprise phone configuration
D.    Ethernet configuration

Answer: B


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