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When configuring Digit Manipulation, where exactly should you apply Digit Stripping?

A.    globally to all calls
B.    voice port
C.    Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) dial peer
D.    Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) dial peer
E.    trunk group
F.    Non-Facility Associated Signaling (NFAS) interface

Answer: C

In a Centralized Call processing architecture, you have deployed Extension Mobility (EM) feature. After the deployment of EM, when one of the end-users tries to login to the IP phone, the Error 25 is displayed on the screen. What three things should you do to resolve this issue? (Choose three.)

A.    upgrade the firmware of the IP Phone to the latest version
B.    activate EM feature service under Cisco Unified Serviceability
C.    associate EM Device profile with the end-user
D.    subscribe the MAC address of the IP Phone to EM Service
E.    update EM Phone Service URL to point to the publisher
F.    subscribe device profile to EM phone service in case the enterprise subscription of EM Service is disabled

Answer: BCD

Which command should you use on the gatekeeper to specify the address of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP address?

A.    gw-type-ip
B.    gw-type-prefix-ip
C.    gw-ip-cm
D.    gw-type-prefix
E.    gw-ip-type
F.    gw-prefix-ip

Answer: D

Which of the following are two functions that ensure that the telephony capabilities stay operational in the remote location Cisco Unified SRST router? (Choose two)

A.    Automatically detecting a failure in the network.
B.    Initiating a process to provide call-processing backup redundancy.
C.    Notifying the administrator of an issue for manual intervention.
D.    Proactively repairing issues in the voice network.

Answer: AB

Which three of the following are steps in configuring MGCP Fallback and Cisco Unified SRST? (Choose three)

A.    Define the SRST reference for phones in the Device Pool configuration
B.    Enable and configure the MGCP fallback and Cisco Unified SRST features on the IOS gateways.
C.    Implement a simplified SRST dial plan on the remote-site-gateways to ensure connectivity for remote-site phones in SRST mode.
D.    Enable SIP trunking between both remote and hub sites to provide mesh coverage.
E.    Define the SRST reference in the configuration on the IP Phones.
F.    Enable and configure the MGCP fallback on the IOS gateway but not Cisco Unified SRST since it is enabled automatically.

Answer: ABC

What is the purpose of a SAF Client?

A.    To decode address information and route calls to and from the end points
B.    To pass IP information from the CUCM to the endpoint
C.    To learn about and advertise or subscribe information about SAF network services
D.    To reside in the Cisco IOS software, and to communicate with the SAF forwarder

Answer: C

How can the location setting be modified to resolve poor call quality?

A.    No adjustment to location setting is needed
B.    Mark the bandwidth between the locations as unlimited
C.    Decrease the audio bandwidth setting
D.    Remove the audio bandwidth setting

Answer: C

Cisco Unified border element is configured to support RSVP-based CAC. When is the RSVP path and reservation message sent and received?

A.    Immediately after the call setup message is received and the reservation message is received after H.245 capabilities negotiation is completed.
B.    The path and reservation messages are sent and received after the H.245 capabilities negotiation is completed.
C.    The path and reservation messages are sent and received immediately after the call setup message is received.
D.    The path is setup once the global command call rsvp-sync is configured.

Answer: C

What user profile is used to define the settings for a user on login?

A.    Device Profile
B.    Group Profile
C.    Pool Profile
D.    Specific Profile

Answer: A


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