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[New Exam Dumps] Accurate 85q 1Z0-489 Exam Questions With VCE Dumps Offered By PassLeader

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When SunVTS has completed its testing, where do you find the log files?

A.    /var/logs
B.    /var/sunvts/logs
C.    /var/adm/sunvts/messages
D.    /var/sunvts/messages

Which two statements are true according to Enterprise Installation Stan (EIS) regarding boot disk layout?

A.    For ZFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends you do not use H/W RAID 1 unless sufficient disks are available for ZFS to mirror itself.
B.    For ZFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends you do not use H/W RAID 0 unless sufficientdisks are available for ZFS to mirror itself.
C.    Under ZFS, the boot devices/disks are placed in a ZFS poof (called rpool by default), and all datasets (consisting of file systems and volumes) are allocated flexibly from that pool.
D.    For UFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends that H/W RAID 0 be used to mirror the bootdisk wherever it is available.

Answer: AC

While planning for the installation of a SPARC M5-32 server, you notice that a more recent version of a patch is available than what is currently on the EIS-DVD. According to the Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) methodology, what should you do?

A.    Always install the most recent version of patch.
B.    Delay installation until the updated patch is published to the EIS-DVD.
C.    Do not install the patch unless instructed to do so by an EIS Alert.
D.    Never install patches outside of the EIS- DVD.

Answer: B

There are a total of 36 fan modules in the SPARC M5-32 server, and all are redundant and hot- swappable. Which statement is correct?

A.    Half of the 36x fan modules are locatedon the front and the other half on the rear. 18x fan modules are in front fan cages and 18x fan modules are in back fan cages.
B.    36x fan modules are located on the front and rear; 12x fan modules are in front fan cages, 12x fan modules are in back middle fan cages, and 12x fan modules are in back lower fan cages.
C.    All 36x fan modules are located on the front, 16x fan modules in upper fan cages, 16xfan modules in lower fan cages, and 2x fan modules on each side(left and right next to the SP/SSB).
D.    All 36x fan modules are located on the front, 12x fan modules are In upper fan cages, 12x fan modules are in middle fan cages, and 12x fan modules are in lower fan cages.

Answer: A

Where do you perform the completion of ASR activation?

A.    MOS
B.    ASR Client
C.    ASR Manager
D.    SP

Answer: C

You have powered-on HOST2 and want to verify its current status. Which two commands would give that output?

A.    show /Servers/PDomains/PDoraain_2/HOST status
B.    show /Servers/PDomains/PDomain^l/HOST status
C.    show status /Servers/PDomains /PDomain_2/H0ST
D.    show /Servers/PDomains /PDomain 2/HOST status detail

Answer: AD

A PCIe data path originates from a root complex (from the CPU) on a CMU that connects to a PCIE_SWITCH (in an IOB). Which two components is the signal fanned out to?

A.    PCIe slots
B.    EMS slots (that is, Base I/O board in IOU)
C.    CPU Memory Unit
D.    Scalability Switch Assembly

Answer: BC

A customer calls in and reports a problem with CMU#10. They said they have an issue with HOST1. What Domain Configurable Unit (DCU) is this board located in?

A.    DCU_0
B.    DCU_1
C.    DCU_2
D.    DCU_3
E.    DCU_4

Answer: A

What are three genera, guidelines for creating the ZFS root pool?

A.    Always create mirrored pools, even if the controller provides H/W based RAID. ZFS needs to be able to correct the data if it detects corruption.
B.    If the controller provides H/W-based RAID, then it is not necessary to create mirrored pools.
C.    If you ADD a disk to mirror the root pool, you must also manually perform aninstallboot or installgrub on that disk to make it bootable. If the root pool is initially created as a mirrored pool, this is not necessary.
D.    For non-root pools, you must partition the disk and assign slices to various partitions.
E.    In the case of rpool, the disks need to be sliced. It is recommended to have only a single slice of the full disk size used by ZFS on the although a small slice can be allocated for non-ZFS use (for example, SVM metabd).

Answer: ABC

You are working on an problem with DCU1 on a APARC M5-32 system. Which four of the following Memory Units are located in the DCU1?

A.    CMU#4
B.    CMU#14 D
C.    CMU=6
D.    CMU=7 D
E.    CMU = 5 Z
F.    CMU=8

Answer: ACEF

A customer wants two DCUs in physical domain 0. What property must be set to true for this host for you to be able to configure this?

A.    keyswitch
B.    dcus_available
C.    dcus__assigned
D.    expandable

Answer: D


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