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According to best practices, what should an administrator do prior to installing Provisioning Server?

A.    Set up a proxy DHCP
B.    Set up the SOAP service
C.    Disable spanning tree portfast mode
D.    Assign a static IP address to each server

Answer: D

An administrator changed the location of the database in a Provisioning Server environment. In order to re-join the database to an existing Provisioning Server farm, the administrator must specify the __________ in the Configuration Wizard. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.    new location
B.    administrator group
C.    service user account
D.    farm name, site name and collection name

Answer: A

An administrator is building a vDisk and wants to use the current manufacturer’s NIC teaming drivers on the Master Target Device. In order to use the manufacturer’s drivers for NIC teaming, the administrator must set the vDisk to __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    boot from hard disk
B.    private image mode
C.    standard image mode
D.    boot from the Master Target Device

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is preparing to image a Master Target Device. The administrator already set the vDisk to private image mode and configured the target device BIOS to PXE boot. Which two additional steps must the administrator complete before imaging the Master Target Device? (Choose two).

A.    Mount the vDisk
B.    Remove the lock from the vDisk
C.    Configure the target device to boot from its local hard disk
D.    Confirm connectivity from the target device to the Provisioning Server

Answer: CD

An administrator must ensure that SOAP port __________ is open on the firewall to allow remote Provisioning Server Consoles to communicate with Provisioning Servers within a firewalled network. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    4011
B.    6901
C.    8000
D.    40000

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is preparing a Master Target Device for imaging. The administrator has installed the following:
1. Windows XP
2. All necessary service pack updates
3. All necessary device drivers
Which additional requirement must the administrator set up and configure on the Master Target Device before creating the image?

A.    Anti-virus software
B.    Application software
C.    Target device software
D.    OEM NIC teaming software

Answer: C

Scenario: Several branches of an organization are located throughout North America, each with its own administrator. The farm administrator for Provisioning Server wants to delegate control to each branch location administrator within the organization. How should the farm administrator organize the farm in order to provide each branch office administrator with full administrative privileges within their branch?

A.    Create a site for each branch office location
B.    Create a view for each branch office location
C.    Create a separate store for each branch office location
D.    Create a device collection for each branch office location

Answer: A

An administrator created a vDisk from a Master Target Device and is in the process of creating several target devices that will use this vDisk. Which boot order option should the administrator select when creating the additional target devices?

A.    vDisk
B.    Hard Disk
C.    Floppy Disk
D.    Local HD as a boot device

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator is creating a vDisk that will be shared among several target devices. However, the administrator wants to ensure that disk I/O and network traffic is kept to a minimum on the Provisioning Server. Which two configurations should the administrator make on the vDisk to meet the needs of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the vDisk to private image mode.
B.    Set the vDisk to standard image mode.
C.    Set the write cache to server-based disk cache.
D.    Set the write cache to target device-based disk cache.

Answer: BD

In which two locations of the Provisioning Server Console can an administrator create a vDisk? (Choose two.)

A.    Store
B.    Farm
C.    Server
D.    vDisk Pool

Answer: AD

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