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Which port range must an administrator ensure is open on a firewall to allow communication between Provisioning Servers?

A.    6900 through 6904
B.    6905 through 6909
C.    6910 through 6914
D.    6915 through 6919

Answer: B

Which step must an administrator take to create a vDisk image that will be used by multiple target devices?

A.    Run the Common Image utility.
B.    Set the vDisk to private image mode.
C.    Set the vDisk to standard image mode.
D.    Associate the vDisk with a device collection.

Answer: C

Which steps must an administrator take to create a vDisk file? Click the Task button to place the steps in the correct order. Click the Exhibit button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item.


An administrator must __________ a newly formatted vDisk before assigning it to a Master Target Device for imaging. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.    mount
B.    unmount
C.    release the lock on
D.    designate a drive letter assignment for

Answer: B

When should an administrator consider using a domain account and assigning full rights to the Stream Service account?

A.    The database is located on a local storage device
B.    The Stream Service accesses vDisks stored on the network
C.    The Provisioning Server farm includes multiple bootstrap files
D.    The farm administrator delegates permissions to site administrators

Answer: B

Which step must an administrator take to allow a target device to make initial log in contact with a recently added Provisioning Server?

A.    Restart the Stream Service
B.    Add the Provisioning Server to the TFTP server
C.    Place the target device in the device collection for the new Provisioning Server
D.    Edit the bootstrap file with the appropriate IP address of the new Provisioning Server

Answer: D

When modifying the cache type for a vDisk, which set of properties should an administrator access?

A.    Store
B.    vDisk
C.    Server
D.    Target device

Answer: B

In which scenario is it acceptable for an administrator to release a vDisk lock?

A.    Stream Service is stopped
B.    vDisk is set to private image mode
C.    vDisk is assigned to a booted target device
D.    Target device accessing the vDisk is not gracefully shut down

Answer: D

Which option should an administrator select in order to have the fastest method of disk access when selecting a write cache type?

A.    Server-based disk cache
B.    Server-based RAM cache
C.    Target device-based disk cache
D.    Target device-based RAM cache

Answer: D

An administrator can add an existing vDisk to the Provisioning Server Console by picking the __________ for the vDisk and selecting the Add existing vDisk option by right-clicking the __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    site
B.    server
C.    vDisk pool
D.    device collection

Answer: AC

Get 20% Discount Real 1Y0-A06 Certification Dumps Ensure 100% Pass

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