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All users in the Sales group must be able to save documents created on their virtual desktops to USB devices connected to their local desktops. Some users in the Sales group also belong to the Remote Users group; however, the Remote Users group must not be able to save documents to a local USB device. An administrator created the Sales USB policy, which allows Client USB device redirection for the Sales group, and the Remote Users USB policy, which prohibits Client USB device redirection for the Remote Users group. Which additional step must the administrator take to meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    Set the Remote Users USB policy to ‘Disable’.
B.    Edit the USB device list on the endpoint device.
C.    Ensure that the Sales USB policy has highest priority.
D.    Add Client USB device redirection rules to the Sales USB policy.

Answer: C

An Citrix Administrator needs to create a catalog. Provisioning services-based virtual machines will be imported into the catalog. Which machine type must the administrator select when creating the catalog?

A.    Pooled
B.    Existing
C.    Streamed
D.    Dedicated

Answer: C

The design for an environment requires that Web Interface is load balanced across multiple servers. An administrator has been asked to figure one master site and to distribute the configuration of that site throughout the Web Interface implementation. Which two steps must the administrator take in order to share the master site’s configuration? (Choose two)

A.    Edit the bootstrap configuration file of the other sites to point to the IP address of the master site.
B.    Set up file sharing permission to allow access over the network to the configuration folder of the master site
C.    Replace the configuration files of the other sites with the master site’s configuration file to ensure they point to the same configuration.
D.    Change the setting of the configuration location parameter of the other sites to point to the absolute network path of the master site’s configuration.

Answer: BD

An administrator configured the Client fixed drives policy setting to allow all end users to access or save files to fixed drives on their devices. Users are still unable to map client fixed drives, and they cannot access the fixed drives manually. Users are unable to map and access fixed drives on their user devices because _____ and _____. (Choose the two correct phases to complete the sentence.)

A.    Asynchronous writes are NOT enabled
B.    Client drive letters are NOT being preserved
C.    The Client drive redirection policy setting is NOT enabled
D.    The Auto connect client drives policy setting in NOT enabled

Answer: CD

Which two terms are needed for an administrator to create a catalog for existing machines in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Virtual machines available in the datacenter
B.    Active Directory computer accounts for the machines
C.    Device collections configured to load the vDisk over the network
D.    A PrtMs.on.ng services deployment with a vDisk imaged from the master target device

Answer: AB

Which two components must an administrator install on a master image that will be used for streamed machines? (Choose two.)

A.    Receiver
B.    Online plug-in
C.    Virtual Desktop Agent
D.    Provisioning services target device

Answer: CD

An administrator made changes to a vDisk image and now needs the vDisk to use the original image instead of the updated image. How could the administrator accomplish this task?

A.    Unmount the vDisk, create a copy of the image, apply the rollback file to the copy, remount the vDisk and change the Class and Type of the vDisk
B.    Copy the rollback file to the updates folder, use the ‘Schedule Automatic Disk Updates’ option and select ‘Check for incremental updates’ on the server
C.    Apply the delta file to the updated image, use the ‘Enable Automatic Update for this vDisk1 option and select ‘Check for automatic updates’ on the save
D.    Put the vDisk in Private image mode, change the version numbers back to the original vDisk image version numbers and put the vDisk back in standard image mode

Answer: B

Which two tools can an administrator use to modify policy settings in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Desktop Studio
B.    System Registry
C.    Desktop Director
D.    Group Policy Editor

Answer: AD

Which administrative role can manage catalogs and build virtual desktops?

A.    Machine administrator
B.    Help desk administrator
C.    Read-only administrator
D.    Desktop group administrator

Answer: A

An administrator configured the automatic disk image update feature, but has since noticed that changes to vDisks are not being replicated automatically. What could be a reason for this behavior?

A.    The vDisk assigned to the target devices are in private image mode.
B.    The target devices need to be reconfigured to point to the new vDisk files.
C.    The target device has NOT restarted since the changes were applied to the vDisk.
D.    There is more than one vDisk from the same Provisioning services host with the same Class.

Answer: C

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Several end users in an environment experienced issues with their desktops. The administrator investigated the issue and determined that the issue reported was coming from five specific desktops in a pooled-random desktop group. What should the administrator do to prevent the users from getting those desktops?

A.    Delete the desktops from the catalog.
B.    Put the desktops in maintenance mode.
C.    Suspend the desktops in the desktop group.
D.    Restart the desktops from Desktop Director

Answer: B

Under which circumstance should an administrator monitor the Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered session state?

A.    Users are using multiple session
B.    Users CANNOT access their desktops
C.    A server has only a few licenses left to allocate
D.    Sessions are NOT disconnecting after an idle timeout.

Answer: B

Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller. Which pair of files must be modified on the VDA and the Controller to enable logging and help resolve this issue?

A.    CdslmaProxy.exe.config on the VDA and CdsPoolMgr.exe.config on the Controller
B.    CdslmaProxy.exe.config on the VDA and CdsController.exe.config on the Controller
C.    WorkstationAgent.exe.config on the VDA and CdsPoolMgr.exe.config on the Controller
D.    WorkstationAgent.exe.config on the VDA and CdsController.exe.config on the Controller

Answer: D

Users are reporting slow log on when connecting to a virtual desktop. The administrator discovers that all target devices using a particularly vDisk are experiencing a large number of retries. What could be causing this issue?

A.    TCP task offload is enabled.
B.    The Web Interface server is down.
C.    Network drivers on the device need to be updated.
D.    The device does NOT have an Active Directory computer account.

Answer: A

The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller. Which two things must be validated to resolve this issue? (Choose two)

A.    Errors are found within the Event Viewer of the VDA and the Controller.
B.    The SQL Client is installed on the VDA and can reach the site database
C.    IPv6 is enabled and bound to the network adapter used by the Controller
D.    The location of the Controller is specified correctly in the registry and DNS resolution is successful

Answer: AD

An end user informed the help desk that even though a USB device is plugged into the client device, the USB icon is dimmed. Which two issues caused this to happen? (Choose two.)

A.    The user is attempting to use an isochronous device.
B.    The USB drive was NOT mapped on the client device.
C.    The XenDesktop policy does NOT allow USB device redirection.
D.    Specific client user preferences for USB redirection were NOT set.

Answer: CD

Which three Citrix services need to be running on the Controller to create virtual machines using Machine Creation Services? (Choose three)

A.    Host
B.    AD Identity
C.    Configuration
D.    Machine Identity
E.    Machine Creation

Answer: BDE

An administrator noticed that the virtual desktop became unresponsive while the target device was starting up to the operating system. What caused this issue?

A.    The vDisk is in private image mode.
B.    Citrix AD Identity Service is NOT running.
C.    Citrix PVS Stream Service is NOT running.
D.    Antivirus software was NOT installed on the device

Answer: C

A domain user has been assigned three desktops in a pooled desktop group. The user is able to connect to two of the three desktops simultaneously, but when attempting to connect to the third one, the user gets an error message saying it is unavailable. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    All of the desktops in the group are in use by other users.
B.    The Auto Add feature to the desktop group is NOT enabled.
C.    The user policy overrides the number of desktops granted to only two.
D.    Web interface is NOT configured to support more than two simultaneous connections.

Answer: C

Which two issues can an administrator use XDPing to resolve? (Choose two.)

A.    Time difference between the Virtual Desktop Agent and the Controller
B.    Any errors within the Event Viewer of the Virtual Desktop Agent and the Controller
C.    The connection to the SQL database for both the virtual Desktop Agent and Controller
D.    The forward and reverse lookup on the DNS server of the Virtual Desktop Agent and Controller

Answer: AD

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