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Currently a great Arranged 000-N55 IBM Test Preparing Substance you could Effortlessly View

Although finding your way through IBM 000-N55 exam “PASSLEADER” presents greater than just what the competition offer you. We’ve previously aided 1000s of men and women manage to get thier wanted IBM qualification. Our own popularity regarding creating productive men and women inside 000-N55 IBM test will be astonishing. The particular 000-N55 IBM test preparing substance coming from “PASSLEADER” offers regarding user-friendly & effortless convenience characteristics and also inquiries which can be up-to-date. Currently a great arranged 000-N55 IBM test preparing substance you could effortlessly view and acquire knowledgeable about, when you should, and also exactly where you might be.

Who can add custom classes or properties to a P8 repository?

A. IBM Software Services.
B. Accredited IBM business partners.
C. Customer IT personnel.
D. All of the above.

Answer: D

Which is the best way for custom applications to get information at runtime about the data model of a P8 system?

A. Read the repository database schema and mapping the table and column names to classes and properties.
B. Use P8 APIs to examine metadata objects like Class Descriptions and Property Descriptions.
C. Study IBM FileNet product documentation along with custom application functional specifications.
D. Use IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management tools to discover relationships and data types.

Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT TRUE for P8 event subscriptions?

A. Although the event subscription subsystem and the audit logging subsystem are not the same thing, there is a close relationship betweenthem.
B. “Active content” refers to the ability to trigger activity within the system in response to changes made by users and applications. The users orapplications need not be explicitly aware of the actions they are triggering.
C. Event handlers are selected from a pre-defined list of actions included in the P8 APIs.
D. A given event can trigger multiple event handlers for related or unrelated purposes.

Answer: C

Which type of asset CANNOT be exported or imported using FileNet Deployment Manager when deploying an application?

A. File Storage areas
B. Stored searches
C. Class definitions
D. Property definitions

Answer: A

Which of the following information about each asset is NOT listed in an export manifest?

A. The type of asset
B. The display name of the asset
C. The file system location of the asset
D. The object store to which the asset belongs

Answer: C


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